Private Transportation

Private transportation is another one of the services we offer at Costa Rica Gateway. Many people do not feel comfortable driving in a foreign country where they are unfamiliar with the rules of the road and finding their way around, something that can be confusing at times here in Costa Rica! Our drivers will pick you up at the designated place and time in their comfortable vehicle so you can sit back and enjoy the scenery en-route. We know the drivers personally and can confirm that they are friendly, safe, and reliable.

Although mostly used for transfers between lodges, you can also hire a driver and vehicle for day trips, overnight trips, or for your entire journey. For groups of 8 persons or more we suggest the larger Coasters, for a photo of the coaster please see the Group Info link. This option of private transportation eliminates the hassle of dealing with Rental Car agencies and their confusing insurance coverage, time consuming pick-ups and drop-offs, surprise cost additions, and unforeseen liability for damages (I thought I was covered for mango stains!).