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Target Trips for Avid Birders

Avid birders who have previously visited Costa Rica often feel the urge to return to this wonderful bird-rich country in order to bird in new areas and/or search for target species. These customized target trips are designed for just that purpose. We offer these private tours for one to four persons in total and supply a very knowledgeable bird guide for you as guide/driver throughout your tour. These are not sign-up tours with specific dates already in place, instead they are totally customized to your target list. To facilitate the process it is very helpful to give us either the areas you would like to visit or even better, a specific list of target species that you would like to search for. Based on the length of time you will have in Costa Rica and the season (time of year) you will be here, we will design an itinerary that will maximize you chances of seeing as many of these species as possible. With just one to four persons, much fewer than most company birding tours, these tours will give you a better opportunity to see difficult bird families such as owls, wood-quail, quail-doves, antpittas, antbirds and the like. This is a perfect opportunity for listers and we have had great success conducting these tours in the past with many envious sightings. An email or phone call to our office will get the process started, we look forward to hearing from you.