La Quinta Sarapiqui Country Inn “A true, tropical delight”

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Tropical relaxation

Introduction: The La Quinta Sarapiqui Country Inn is owned and operated by a Costa Rican couple, Leonardo and Beatriz Jenkins whose attention to meals, personal service, and YOUR tropical experience while there will be most evident and appreciated. A nice selection of wildlife can be seen along the gallery forest next to the two adjoining rivers including the impressive Gray-necked Wood-Rail, several species of parrots and toucans, and the dancing White-collared Manakins on their lek. For many years now, a pair of Spectacled Owls have made this area their home. During breakfast and lunch you can enjoy watching colorful tanagers and honeycreepers coming to the banana feeding tables as you dine. They have also started a reforestation program that will benefit the Great Green Macaws of tomorrow. From butterfly and frog gardens to a cultural museum, La Quinta has much to offer in helping inspire and educate its guests on the wonders of the tropical rainforest.

Location: La Quinta is located on the Sardinal River in the Caribbean lowlands, less than 2 kms off the beaten track, 20 minutes west of Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui. It is approximately 25 minutes from the La Selva OTS Station and less than 2 hours from the San Jose airport.

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Accommodations: La Quinta has 23 comfortable rooms in bungalows surrounded by beautiful gardens. The rooms are clean, well maintained, with ceiling fan, private bathroom, and hot water in each. Superb meals of local and int’l cuisine are served buffet style in the open-air dining room. Feel free to escape the midday heat with a dip in the swimming pool or just relax in a hammock. A wildlife library is also at your disposal, “Now what was that butterfly with the red and yellow wings?”

Advantages of staying at La Quinta:

  1. The best meals I have had in the area, if not Costa
  2. Comfortable rooms with private bathrooms.
  3. A wide variety of activities is offered.
  4. Swimming pool.
  5. Excellent personal service.

Compared to Selva Verde Lodge, La Quinta is smaller with a more personal feel to it, has a swimming pool, and is closer to La Virgen del Socorro by 10 minutes.

Open-air dining room

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