Selva Verde Lodge “Retreat in the Rainforest”

Bridge to Forest Reserve

Chestnut-mandibled Toucan

Introduction: Selva Verde Lodge was started in 1985 and over the years has turned into one of Costa Rica’s premier eco-lodges. Their forested setting along the river and 500 acres of lowland rainforest reserve make it a wonderland for birders and wildlife enthusiasts from around the world. They provide an array of activities, all devoted to wildlife education and conservation. Its proximity to La Selva OTS Station, La Virgen del Socorro, and Braulio Carrillo NP also make it a great base for exploring the birds and other wildlife of this rich region. With Poison Dart Frogs, bizarre Green Basilisk lizards, resident Fasciated Tiger-Herons and Sunbitterns, 3 species of toucan, numerous tanagers and honeycreepers, and mammals including Neotropical River Otters and Howler Monkeys, there is always something new and exciting to see during your stay at this retreat in the rainforest.

Location: Selva Verde Lodge is located next to the beautiful Sarapiqui River in the Caribbean lowlands, 10 minutes west of Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui. It is approximately 15 minutes from the La Selva OTS Station and 2 hours from the San Jose airport.

Room interior

Dining room

Accommodations: Selva Verde has 40 river rooms mostly in groups of 4 rooms built on stilts above the ground with connecting walkways. They also have 5 bungalows across the road near a forest pond, an excellent place for wildlife. The rooms are comfortable, clean, and well maintained, with ceiling fans, private bathrooms, and hot water in each. Meals are served buffet style in a large dining hall overlooking the river. A bar is located below the dining hall where amateur naturalists can swap the highlights of the day.
The gardens are natural with many bird feeding tables distributed throughout. No swimming pool required as the river has several swimming holes nearby. A swinging bridge over the Sarapiqui River connects to the extensive trail system in the reserve.

Green-and-black Poison-Dart Frog
Advantages of staying at Selva Verde Lodge:

  1. Good location to visit the other wildlife attractions
    in the area.
  2. Comfortable rooms with private bathrooms.
  3. A wide variety of activities is offered.
  4. Good rainforest birding around the lodge and adjacent

Compared to La Quinta Lodge, Selva Verde has more bird species characteristic of primary Caribbean rainforest and is closer to La Selva OTS Station by 10 minutes.

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