Punta Leona Beach Resort “Rainforest and tropical beach in one”

One of three private beaches

Pull up a chair

Introduction: Punta Leona Beach Resort is a wonderful combination of white sand beaches, comfortable lodging, and good birding. Your day might start with a guided bird walk watching Scarlet Macaws, Chestnut-mandibled Toucans, Fiery-billed Aracaris, and White-faced Capuchin monkeys amongst other colorful smaller birds and Spiny-tailed Iguanas. After a nice breakfast you may want to take in some sun at one of the 3 private white sand beaches or cool off in one of the 4 swimming pools. You found that watching a group of White-throated Magpie-Jays during lunch very enjoyable as was the siesta in the air-conditioned room afterwards. Mid-afternoon finds you on the trails in Punta Leona’s private rainforest reserve trying to track down the incessant gonging of a Three-wattled Bellbird high in the canopy. Slaty-tailed Trogon, Blue-crowned Motmot, Red-capped Manakin, and Bay-headed Tanager added a splash of color to the darkening forest before you headed back to freshen up for a nice dinner. During an evening stroll on the beach your non-birding spouse tells you how glad they are to be with you in beautiful Costa Rica, (Ok, a little embellished!). Punta Leona is also a great destination for couples traveling with their children.

Location: Punta Leona is located right on the Pacific Ocean between Tarcoles and Jaco. The entrance road is well sign posted off the main road approximately 15 minutes south of Carara National Park.

One of four swimming pools

Selva Mar room interior

Accommodations: Guest rooms are available in 3 categories. We recommend the Selvamar Units as they are the best value and still very comfortable with each room having two double beds, air-conditioning, and a private bathroom. These units are not directly on the beach but set in a lush, forested area complete with swimming pool and access to all of the other facilities. A free shuttle bus comes by on a regular basis, or can be summoned by phone, to transport you to other parts of the resort. The grounds are well manicured with tropical plants and flowers where you can see a good variety of birds and wildlife. There are several restaurants at the resort and the food, typically served buffet style, is delicious. You will be given a map of the property upon arriving that will help you locate the many facilities and activities found here. Suites and fully equipped apartments of 1 to 3 bedrooms are also available.

Advantages of staying at Punta Leona vs. Tarcol Lodge:

1) Rooms with air conditioning and private bathrooms in each.

2) Access to 3 white sand beaches

3) 4 Swimming Pools

4) Rainforest birding on property

5) Tennis courts

6) Shopping center

Lineated Woodpecker

Compared to Villa Lapas, Punta Leona is much larger and spread out, a true resort with private beach access and several swimming pools, and a reserve with Pacific lowland rainforest.

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