La Selva de Sarapiqui Area “Wildlife of the Caribbean lowlands”

Collared Aracari Strawberry Poison-dart Frog

Introduction: With primary Caribbean lowland rainforest, secondary and gallery forest, rivers, and marshes, the La Selva area is perhaps the single most diverse area for birding and wildlife in the whole of Costa Rica. Abundant tropical wildlife combined with comfortable lodges that cater to birders and nature enthusiasts will ensure a very satisfying and educational experience during your visit. Come see why it is a staple for birding and natural history tour companies from around the world. Location: The La Selva area is located in the Caribbean lowlands at the base of the foothills near the town of Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui (should not be confused with Puerto Viejo de Limon), 2 hours by vehicle from San Jose, (see map). There are two access roads, one through San Miguel near La Virgen del Socorro to the west, the other via the Braulio Carrillo/Guapiles road to the south.

Broad-billed Motmot Green Basilisk

Accommodations: There are three lodges that we recommend, La Quinta Lodge, Selva Verde Lodge, and the La Selva OTS Station. Each is dedicated to eco-tourism and offers its own unique experience for their guests. A description of these lodges along with the advantages of each is discussed in depth under “Lodges of the La Selva de Sarapiqui area.” Reservations for these three lodges including guides and day trips can be made directly through Costa Rica Gateway. Climate: Being in the lowlands, the La Selva area is consistently warm and humid. Weather patterns are less predictable here compared to the Pacific lowlands. You are also more likely to encounter unseasonably rainy periods even in the dry season, (see rain and temperature chart). As with most warm and humid lowlands in the tropics, bird and wildlife activity is highest in the early morning and late afternoon. Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. Mosquitoes can be nuisance, especially after heavy rains. See mosquito and chigger advice under Health Issues in the “Info & Travel Tips” section.

Birding and Wildlife Attractions/Specialty Birds of La Selva de Sarapiqui Area